Monday, September 22, 2014

The people you work with that don't understand your personality

I work at a bank and I am the only young black female that works here (token) everyone I work with is older. There is one older black lady that I work with. I thank God for her. Days like today are hard. I'm super outgoing and I love  ginuenly getting to know people. I can't say the same for the ladies I work with. I've been working here since May and it's still the same. It almost brakes my spirit when I go to work. I know I shouldn't let others actions control the way I feel but I'm with these people 9 hours a day! Help. What can I do to make the day go by a little smother? Is there someone out there who relates?

Side note.. it's really rude to talk shit about someone in a different never know who understands!

This Mexican lady was talking about my kinky twists in Spanish ..I'm from San Diego hunny. Trust me I know enough to get by!

Replies welcome!

Yours truly

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